Spill Detection & Hazard Recognition Prevent Slips & Trips

SeeChange spill detection solution – SpillDetect

Slips and trips are one of the the most common cause of injury in retail. The SeeChange spill & hazard detection solution uses existing CCTV and our computer vision systems to help prevent these injuries by delivering health & safety compliance with no changes to infrastructure.

Text on plain background states 51% of claims made against retailers are from trips and falls

Our camera-based system quickly:

  • Detects liquid spills and debris on the floor
  • Sends alerts to staff so that they can clean up the mess before someone gets hurt

What is SpillDetect?

This is the world’s first computer vision-based slip prevention system that uses machine learning to automatically identify slip, trip and fall hazards and alerts you of these before any incidents happen! 

Text on plain background states 70% of slips and trips are avoidableWith no physical infrastructure to integrate, our spill detection solution connects with existing CCTV surveillance cameras – this makes it quick and efficient to implement across multiple sites. 

We’ve trained our state-of the art machine learning model on over 1 million spill images. With its ability to detect different floor types and all kinds of liquid spills, including water on shiny floors, our solution will ensure your environment is the safest it can be. 

Reduce Liability

Slips, trips and falls cost US businesses over 11 billion dollars in 2021 alone. This figure includes fines and public liability payouts – HSE and OSHA issue fines for negligence and many of these are preventable.

Take a look here for guidance on health and safety requirements:

Watch our solution in action:

Sliding Floors - Part 1
  • 51% of claims made against retailers are from trips and falls
  • Slips and Falls are the second highest cause of workplace injuries, with an annual cost to US businesses of over 11 Billion Dollars
  • 70% of trips and falls are avoidable
  • SpillDetect detects slip hazards in real time
  • Slip hazards occur all the time. Spotting potential hazards is difficult
  • Humans typically exhibit poor risk perception, leading to accidents
  • This can be devastating to those injured and hugely costly to stores
  • Technology can help with SpillDetect enabled – Using existing cameras with nothing to install locally
  • Detecting slip hazards in real time, allowing staff to take action to reduce slips and falls
  • 20-30% of people who slip or fall suffer moderate to severe injury
  • Every year fatalities are in the hundreds
  • OSHA rules require that slip hazards are quickly identified and addressed, with penalties, lawsuits and productivity loss
  • Reputational damage for employers and significant costs
  • Keep employees and customers safe – Detecting slip hazards in real time, reducing liabilities and costs

Note the accuracy of the spill detection across the range of view of a standard CCTV camera

This video shows a test process, including the slip hazard created by the clear-up!