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Retail Loss Prevention Software

Powering smarter, connected stores.

Empowering retailers to reduce losses, streamline processes and improve customer experience with Vision AI.

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Technology that sees what you don’t

Hazard detection

Automatically identify spills, trip, stacking hazards and blocked exits to act before incidents occur and ensure OSHA and HSE compliance.

Shrink reduction

Protect self-checkouts with automatic identification of mis-scans, barcode switching, product stacking and walkaways, using custom rules for alerts and blocking checkouts.

Fresh produce recognition

Unlock faster, more accurate self-service for non-barcoded produce with vision AI, improving customer experience and accelerating transactions.

High-value item protection

Tackle margin erosion by tracking the movement of high-value items from shelf to checkout to exit with automated alerts.


Customers select fresh produce recognition


Customers self-correct at checkout when nudged


Slips, trips and falls in-store could be avoided

Vision AI platform that’s built to learn


Proactively manage risk through detection of targeted events.

Our AI-powered platform can accurately recognise real-world events, so you can monitor anything from hazards to unwanted behavior for meaningful, real-time risk and loss management whether that’s in-aisle, at checkout or at exit.


Unlock efficiencies, reduce checkout losses and streamline processes.

Our AI solutions for checkouts monitor transactions, providing real-time feedback to the shopper and store assistants based on flexible business rules that you control.

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Seamless integration with existing systems

We can integrate SeeChange into your stores without any physical changes to your existing hardware – reusing current cameras and other sensors throughout the store. Deploy in the cloud, at the edge or any preferred combination.

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SeeChange empowers you to:

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