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Using existing CCTV cameras, SeeChange’s health and safety AI technology will monitor 24/7 helping you reduce risks in the workplace for both your customers and your employees

How it works

The Seechange platform can be available globally as Software as a Service (SaaS), installed in your datacentre or on site.

It integrates with your existing CCTV solution and can be accessed securely worldwide.

To prevent slips, trips and falls, hazards are automatically identified using our advanced machine-learning algorithms and alerts delivered in realtime to onsite staff.

  1. Software is installed remotely: no new equipment required

  1. A secure connection is made with existing CCTV

  1. Alerts are received in real time when hazards are identified


Using the dashboard you can see where the risks are as they happen real time


Notifications will guide you to the exact location of the risk incident


Being able to react quickly reduces the risk and reduces your liability


Use the software to help your business by looking at trends and how you are responding

Optimise Your Business With Our Health and Safety AI Solution

It’s easier than you might think to get started with no need for physical installation. If you think it could save you money and improve your Health and Safety, let’s chat.

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SeeChange in the Real World

SeeChange’s technology is constantly evolving. View our resource of blogs and articles to see the latest updates in health and safety computer vision


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