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AI Self Checkout Software

Powering self checkouts with Vision AI

Cut losses by up to 50% whilst improving shopper experience and reducing employee interventions.

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Protect margins, optimise operations.


of shoppers self-correct when nudged


of shrink is immediately recoverable


reduction in employee intervention time

Reduce shrinkage, enhance customer experience.

Tired of backlogged and defenceless self-checkouts? Integrate SeeChange into your existing ecosystem for a faster, smoother and lossless experience.

Protect your bottom line

Act fast and with confidence against shrinkage and theft

Empower employees

Eliminate the burden of manual intervention and free up human resources

Optimise checkout

Deliver a smoother customer experience whilst achieving business objectives

Save time and resources

Leverage AI to respond quicker, unlock efficiencies and win back time

Unlock the power of self-learning self-checkouts

Go beyond basic security and static solutions with cutting edge technology designed to evolve with technology and grow with your business.

Catch ‘mistaken’

SeeChange-powered devices identify when unscanned items are bagged, triggering on-screen alerts. 80% of people self-correct when prompted.

Prevent product stacking

Leverage Vision AI to prevent ‘buy one get one free’ mentality during scanning with real-time monitoring that detects attempts to conceal products.

Combat barcode switching

SeeChange compares visual information with scanned SKU
to detect barcode switching – behaviour which is almost impossible to detect manually.

Intercept walkaways promptly

Get real-time alerts when a transaction is abandoned at self-checkout, allowing security to intervene before goods leave the premises.

See it in action

Take back control without compromising data protection.

Vision AI works on a need-to-know basis, with the ability to monitor behaviour whilst automatically redacting personal information, allowing you to maintain integrity and protect customer privacy at all times.

Continuously adapts to your business needs.

Introducing Vision AI into your business operations doesn’t mean you have to surrender control.

Our Rules Engine has customisable sliders so you can precisely adjust sensitivity of automations based on circumstances or business decisions – either automatically or manually.

Ready to deploy at speed and scale

Seamless integration

Embed into your existing ecosystem for immediate impact with minimal disruption.

Powerful data & analytics

Get alerts, notifications and powerful analytics served on a visual dashboard.

Enterprise scalability

Ready to launch from store-level trials to rollout across your entire portfolio.

ROI in

Protect your inventory from day one and drive even greater value through network-wide analytics.

AI self-checkout software powered by SeeChange

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the SeeChange platform, leveraging the latest in Vision AI, machine learning and edge-to-cloud computing to give you performance at scale and the flexibility to plug-in more use-cases as needed.

See what matters, change the outcomes.

The more capabilities you add, the more powerful it gets.