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The seechange platform

The Vision AI platform that’s built to learn

The SeeChange platform uses machine learning to transform raw data into valuable alerts, empowering you to take actions which can prevent loss, improve safety and ultimately maximise profitability.

Units of Recognition built into Use Cases, which are then combined to power the Vision AI Rules Engine to deliver meaningful outputs in the form of alerts, notifications and valuable data.

How it works

You can’t measure what you can’t see

It all starts with data. SeeChange captures data from a variety of physical sensors, from CCTV cameras to those used at self-checkout, as well as barcode scanners, weighing scales, touchscreen interactions and more. But raw data alone is just that. Next, we need to make sense of it.

The building blocks of our platform

The SeeChange platform brings together individual pieces of raw data to form Units of Recognition – the building blocks of our Platform. Like words, these these units have meaning – but like a word, they don’t mean much on their own.

These units become a lexicon of language for Vision AI to call upon. And like a dictionary, the units can be organised, tweaked and built up over time.

From raw data to meaningful insights

The true power of the SeeChange platform is unlocked when multiple Units of Recognition are combined. These Use Cases define the criteria for Vision AI to identify specific events and behaviours which are meaningful to your business.
Want to track a specific scenario? We can adapt a standard Use Case to match your specific needs. The possibilities are just about endless.

Continuously adapts to your business needs

The SeeChange Rules Engine is the brain that brings together all the use case outputs and delivers alerts based on whatever combination of business logic your solution requires. But a static configuration can be limiting.

In reality, business priorities fluctuate based on changing circumstances like seasonality, footfall and event time of day. That’s why our rules engine has built in dynamic configurability so you can precisely adjust sensitivity based on what matters to you in the moment – either automatically or manually.

From meaningful insights to actionable alerts

Alerts and notifications can be integrated into your existing platforms such as security systems or business management tools, giving you more power to act whilst minimising disruption.

Alternatively, you can utilise the SeeChange dashboard to deliver customised alerts along with a visual data to monitor analytics.

See it in action

SeeChange empowers you to:

Streamline processes

Reduce risk and loss

Save time
 and resources


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