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AI CCTV Software

Intelligent loss prevention in aisle and across the store

Simplify loss prevention, store security, and shrink reduction with vision AI and one edge-to-cloud platform

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Protect margins, optimise operations.


shrink as percentage of total sales


of total losses from shoplifting

Reduce shrinkage, enhance store security

AI-CCTV powered aisle monitoring for a safer, more efficient store environment

Protect your bottom line

Act fast and with confidence against shrinkage and theft

Get ahead of trends

Drill-down to store and aisle, or take an estate-wide view to resolve issues and identify trends

Security Management

No matter how you manage your security – in-house or Security Operations Centre (SOC), we’ve got you covered. Our AI-powered CCTV solution seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure

Focus on what’s important

In a SOC or in-store, react faster with real-time alerts, prioritized events and supporting evidence clips

Intelligent loss prevention and actionable insights

Proactively prevent theft, secure high-value areas, and gain data-driven insights to optimise your security strategy

Convert losses into sales

Go beyond simple gesture recognition. Our advanced AI intelligently identifies concealment attempts, enabling proactive intervention before inventory leaves the store.

Protect high-value items

Ensure 24/7 monitoring of specific zones in store with high-value items such as alcohol, cosmetics, or meat, and receive prioritised alerts for behavior of interest in those areas.

Self-learning AI

Advanced AI algorithms begin learning from your environments and shoppers immediately. The feedback from the system continuously fine-tunes the AI models for ongoing performance improvement.

Your store, a digital asset

While your team manages the day-to-day store operations, you can delve in to the insights generated via the SeeChange dashboard or integrated within your existing BI tools. Access real-time data only available to online retailers today.

Take back control without compromising data protection.

Vision AI works on a need-to-know basis, with the ability to monitor behaviour whilst automatically redacting personal information, allowing you to maintain integrity and protect customer privacy at all times.

Continuously adapts to your business needs.

Introducing Vision AI into your business operations doesn’t mean you have to surrender control.

Our Rules Engine has customisable sliders so you can precisely adjust sensitivity of automations based on circumstances or business decisions – either automatically or manually.

Ready to deploy at speed and scale

Seamless integration

Embed into your existing ecosystem for immediate impact with minimal disruption.

Powerful data & analytics

Get alerts, notifications and powerful analytics served on a visual dashboard.

Enterprise scalability

Ready to launch from store-level trials to rollout across your entire portfolio.

ROI in

Protect your inventory from day one and drive even greater value through network-wide analytics.

AI CCTV powered by SeeChange

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the SeeChange platform, leveraging the latest in Vision AI, machine learning and edge-to-cloud computing to give you performance at scale and the flexibility to plug-in more use-cases as needed.

See what matters, change the outcomes.

The more capabilities you add, the more powerful it gets.