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Integrated technology strategies for smart retail management

16th February 2024

AI-Enhanced strategies to combat retail shrink, with smart retail solutions for data-driven decision making across the retail estate

Report: Understand the current retail landscape, and the factors leading to rising shrink across the globe, plus solutions to target causes of shrink.
Case study: The case study highlights how implementation of the SeeChange platform smart retail solutions represents opportunities to reduce shrink at self-checkout by over half, in addition to reducing interventions and improving customer experience.

For retailers facing challenges with:

  • Shrink – theft, shoplifting and organised retail crime leading to losses.
  • Operational inefficiencies – employees time tied up in manual, repetitive, low value tasks, a lack of real-time insights and suboptimal resource allocation.
  • Customer Experience – long checkout lines, unattended areas, and self-checkouts causing frustration with a complex user interface for non-barcoded items and delays to checkout caused by blocks requiring employee intervention.

This report explores the current landscape of retail shrink, illustrating strategies and smart retail solutions retailers that can utilise to:

  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce losses
  • Enhance safety
  • Improve customer experience

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