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Future-Proofing Retail: Adapting to change with edge to cloud computing

10th July 2024

What if you could anticipate the needs of customers and employees in-store, streamline experiences and deliver a wealth of efficiencies? This is retail powered by edge-to-cloud computing, an approach that combines the strengths of local processing in devices (edge) with centralised computing power (cloud). Just as our brains rely on senses and a central processor to make sense of the world, edge-to-cloud connects devices (senses) with the cloud (brain) to create a smarter, more responsive retail.

This blog explores how edge-to-cloud computing is transforming retail, using the self-checkout as an example and explaining its core concepts through a brain-body analogy.

Infographic covering 5 ways edge-to-cloud computing streamlines retail operations. 1. Near instant data processing, 2. no latency in response times, 3. Lower bandwidth usage, 4. Improved efficiency, 5. Enhanced security and scalability
Nic Burkinshaw

Pre-Sales Engineer

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