Meet the Team

The Leadership Team

Jason is an experienced leader with a strong vision, a proven ability to build world class teams and a relentless drive to succeed. With past success as both an entrepreneur and a corporate leader Jason has a passion to create and deliver new value to business.


Jason Souloglou

Obsessed with gaining business and competitive advantage from data, Mark is VP Revenue at SeeChange. Previously he worked for Arm as a Director of IoT and led global Sales and Technical Sales teams in IBM, solving some of the largest enterprise data management problems.

VP Commercial

Mark Brady

Heads the product team. Previously at Arm for 9 years, Tim is a recognised industry expert and advocate for machine learning and computer vision running on or close to cameras and other sensors.

VP Product

Tim Hartley

Responsible for all engineering delivery and for the engineering team at SeeChange Hoomi has led various technical teams including data science and high-performance computing teams. He joined Arm when it was still a start-up in a barn and helped it grow from 30 people to be one of the leading IP companies in the world valued at $40bn.

VP Engineering

Hoomi Chadirchi

The Engineering Team

Craig McFarland

Mike Pallister

Andrew Smith

Ariel Ruiz-Garcia

Arnim Balzer

Eleftherios Fanioudakis

Gabriel Schrecker

Joe Taylor

Krzysztof Krogulski

Mike Whitby

Nimesh Patel

Tigran Soghbatyan

Enrique Hernandez

Vladimir Martinez

Jairo Powell

Andy Stott

Tom Greenwood

Diego Ortuzar

Franz Lake

Enrique Maravilla

Lucy Balzer

The Business & Product Team

Nic Burkinshaw

Will Piper

Carol Souloglou

Kaylie Moncur

Graeme Voller

Oana Melinte