AI Loss Prevention Software released to Mitigate Risk of Personal Injury Claims

The newly formed partnership between SeeChange and Ocucon sees the release of if its first product targeted at the loss prevention section, Spill Detect. Designed to address the poor perception of risk by humans, a significant and common contributory factor to slip, trip and fall incidents, Spill Detect removes them from the reporting loop through providing automatic liquid spill detection to prevent loss associated with slips, trips and falls.

Spill Detect is a brand new product that uses Artificial Intelligence software built upon existing CCTV network infrastructure. This technology uses the SeeWare platform and is developed specifically for retailers that wish to avoid the large losses associated with slip, trip and fall personal injury claims through taking pre-emptive action. Spill Detect automatically detects and reports liquid spill incidents. Outputs generated by the system prompt immediate action on behalf of support personnel, facilitating quick and efficient removal of related hazards, which negates the potential for personal injury claims.

SeeWare combines IoT and edge software, which runs over local CCTV networks, with computer vision technology. Data can be locally processed and annotated metadata can also be pushed off-site, to generate insights for centralised reporting if needed. Using deep learning models trained upon thousands upon thousands of images, the machine learning model together with the SeeWare platform is clever enough to recognise variations in floor types and can even handle people continually weaving in and out of the scene, so that it provides accurate, proactive detection of spill hazards for those looking to negate personal injury liability.

Upon identification of a spillage incident, SeeWare annotates related images and feeds them into the decision engine, which along with the reporting platform was developed by Ocucon. The decision engine uses pre-programmed business logic to interpret the information provided by the SeeWare AI model and generates alerts, where appropriate, so that staff can quickly and efficiently deal with detected hazards. Upon detecting a spillage, Spill Detect AI Software displays the image along with a 30 second video of the event. Notifications can also be provided through announcements, email, SMS and via a portal to staff to trigger swift responses and remove the hazard, significantly reducing potential risk to customers and staff whilst negating liability cases.

It has long been reported and understood that human factors play a significant role in the majority of slip, trip and fall incidents. These factors range from a poor perception of risk to a failure of staff to effectively identify and report slip and trip hazards. Spill Detect software was developed specifically to address these issues through providing automatic detection and reporting of liquid spills, and to deliver proactive slip, trip and fall prevention. It allows organisations to take pre-emptive action and significantly reduce or even negate the ever increasing cost of personal injury claims. This ground-breaking and highly innovative technology provides the best liquid spill detection software solution currently available on the market, which removes the most common contributory factors of slip, trip and fall incidents.

Spill Detect uses existing in-store CCTV cameras, with servers running in the cloud or at the edge depending on what requirements. Using existing NVR infrastructure Spill Detect’s business logic feeds back notifications to in-store PCs or tablets, or integrates with existing notification systems. Spill Detect also offers a centralised analytics interface for cross-store aggregation.

Spill Detect edge-based deployment
Spill Detect cloud-based deployment